Los Gorditos Restaurant

A Tradition with Criollo Flavor


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Alonso Rios, an Aguas Buenas farmer with 12 kids, prayed fifty years ago for a way to be able to sustain his family. From here the idea to es- tablish a business to provide market services arose where his entire family could work.

The business was then called El Pocito Dulce, and it became the place to meet in the area. They served fried pork appetizers, now known as the house specialty, as well as the best fried pork with onions in Puerto Rico.

Vamos pa’ Los Gorditos (Let’s go to the chubbys) became the colloquial phrase among the people of the area based on the personality and physic of the restaurant owners and with time, the owners adopted the name “Los Gorditos”.

That is how this humble family from Aguas Buenas began their criollo food business that has transcended three generations and is currently managed by the original owner’s nephews who have kept the tradition alive.

This mom and pop shop served as the base for an evolving business that today has three restaurants located in Caguas, Bayamon, and its newest place in Isla Verde.

Lots of loyal customers keep coming back to savor the restaurant’s traditional fried pork with onions with a side dish of mofongo and the variety of its criollo menu that includes turkey with onions, boneless fried pork, grilled churrasco, and stuffed mofongo among other items all served in a family ambiance.


Bayamon: Reparto Alambra A-10, Tel. 787.798.3457

Caguas: 34 Velazquez Avenue Bairoa, Tel. 787.744.7975

Isla Verde: Isla Verde Avenue, Tel. 787.791.4370


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