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The area of Old San Juan in Puerto Rico is known as one of the only cities in the Americas that has managed to preserve its fifteenth century architecture. While touring the city, enjoy the style and architecture used by the Spanish colonists. In the Old City one can visit a bit of the colonial era while walking through a modern city. Nestled next to the southern face of the fortified wall that encircles the city there is a place that has gathered some of the flavors enjoyed on the island since the 19th century.

At Princesa Gastrobar guests can savor some of the culinary history of Puerto Rico through recipes sourced from the 1859 cookbook El cocinero puertorriqueño (The Puertorrican Cook). Within are details about 19th century culinary culture and its influences from Africa, Spain, the native Taínos and other Caribbean islands. Since the book was missing some parts related to the portions, the kitchen staff has worked to reconstruct its recipes for the most part we have kept to the ingredients from the original recipes.

We invite you to taste and learn about the best of Puerto Rican culinary history. Princesa Gastrobar is listed as the first restaurant and bar by the Rums of Puerto Rico marketing program. The bar at Princesa offers the opportunity to learn about the history of Puerto Rican rums and be a part of 450 years of rum making history.

The signature drinks employ the full range of subtle flavors that puertorrican rums achieve with their unique aging system.

Princesa also offers a gourmet coffee that is currently being exported to Italy and has the distinction of being the only brand consumed in the Government Palace of Puerto Rico, La Fortaleza.

Located at Paseo La Princesa in Old San Juan.

For more info: 787.723.7878

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